Click here for bagpipes playing Amazing Grace

For centuries, military funerals have used bagpipes to honor fallen soldiers. This tradition continues today, and has expanded to include law enforcement, firefighters and others in public service. I am the official duty piper for Lauderdale County, MS which includes the sheriff's department and all of the county volunteer fire departments. I am also the duty piper for the City of Meridian,MS, which includes the police department and the fire department. I pipe military style funerals and work closely with full honor guards for fallen law enforcement and fire department personnel. I am also the official duty piper for the new Mississippi Veterans Cemetery located near Newton, MS.

Music is an integral part of a funeral service, and few musical instruments stir the emotions like the Great Highland Bagpipe. The soulful and haunting sounds of the bagpipe’s ancient scale touch the deepest emotions that words fail to reach. The bagpipe can be used at any point of the funeral service. Typically though, it is most often used at the beginning or end of the service, or at the cemetery. You may choose to have a hymn played as the funeral procession enters the chapel, or at the end of the service as the casket is being carried out. The bagpipe is most commonly played at the graveside. When the funeral procession arrives at the cemetery, the piper will begin playing as the family and mourners make their way to the interment location. The piper will then take a position a short distance away, and can play another tune as the family pays final respects to their loved one.

Some tunes that are appropriate for funerals are:

Amazing Grace

Going Home

Abide With Me

Flowers of the Forest

Many traditional hymns

The above suggestions may be helpful. However, if the family has a special request, every effort will be made to honor that request.